Cars from House of cards - UK and US version comparsion

House of cards, an amazing show by Netflix is actually american remake of original 1990s TV show from England. It's funny to compare US and UK version, it shows so many cultural differences. One of these differents are cars used by main protagonists. Yes, there is 20 years gap between the shows, but the different I'm talking about isn't about time, but about general "taste".

Let's compare cars of the "trouble makers" in both series. In UK version is his car beatiful BMW M6 from 1986. American trouble maker, Peter Russo is riding Crysler 300.

The main character is Francis (Urquhart in UK and Underwood in USA). In original series, he is an aristocrat living in a huge mansion. Nevertheless his money, he uses a cab or drive his car (Jaguar XJ?) by himself! On one ocassion he appears in one classic looking car which appears like Rolls Royce

American Frank comes from a poor Texas farm. He has a driver, riding a giant GMC Yukon and sometimes Cadillac Escalade.

Young persistent jurnalist in London rides a Peugeot 206, while her Washington twin has no car.

Remy Danton, a lobyist, apperars only in US version. He rides Mercedes Benz E350.

Weird computer hacker (also only in US version) surprisingly rides huge Audi Q7. FBI agent rides Cadillac.

Bonus is a car of a Minister of health in UK version, it's forgotten Rover SD1. Again, compare it to the cars of US government ( GMC Yukon, Cadillac Escalade).


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